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The BBC Come Calling!

Hi Groovies, so much good news to tell you on the music front about my proposed cd, and Soaf's charity linkup with the BBC. Here we go!!!!!!!


You may recall my plans to do a charity cd and me plea for collaborators? Well my buddies in New York have stepped up big time! When I played BB's Club last Easter, I played with 'Blues Hall of Fame' Inductee Michael Hill whom I met earlier in the year in London. This guy is amazing and has played with all the greats including BB King, Little Richard, Hubert Sumlin, Robert Cray and Buddy Guy to name just a few! (see my website BIO page). I asked him to collaborate with me on a charity cd and he has agreed!

Michael's latest album 'Goddesses & Gold Redux' is released on JSP records. The cd can purchased on Itunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/goddesses-gold-redux/id547876032

When I played BB Kings club in Mahattan with Michael Hill last Easter I met the very gracious and talented Amy Madden who is the bass player in the house band at BB's. I have asked Amy if she could help out with my charity cd and she has agreed to donate a track! Amy is stalwart of the NY blues & rock scene having shared stages with many famous artists around the world including John Lee Hooker. In August 2012 Amy was inducted into the NYC Blues Hall of Fame. Amy is also a published poet. You can read more about her career here http://www.reverbnation.com/amymadden

Amy has a cd out called 'Discarded Angels' released on Belpid records. The cd can be purchased on itunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-house-where-ive-been/id548897216?i=548897309&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

My uk buddies have offered to help out too with my cd! I met a great guy called Noel Robinson at a wedding a couple months back and we got chatting. Only turns out that this guy is a major player on the Gospel music scene who regularly tours the states and has loads of material released. And yes you guessed it, I asked him to help and he has agreed too! You can find out more about Noel and buy his music at his website http://noelrobinsonmusic.com/home.cfm

I am so greatful and honoured that these brilliant busy pro musicians are willing to give of their time and talent for a good cause. Guys, you are beautiful, and I thank you. My faith in human nature is restored once more!

BBC & Charity News


Remember that news blackout Sophia imposed in my last blog? Well I can now reveal that she did an interview with BBC radio Nottingham which was broadcast on Basil's birthday, the 5th of October. The news blackout was imposed because the interview was tentative at the time but it came to pass! The BBC were so impressed with her charity work that they want to track the progress of her charity which is brilliant news for its profile!

Here is an audio file of her interview. The news feature starts at 3 mins 48 seconds into the recording.

Click here to here to listen to the audo file Sophia BBC interview

Earlier in that week (wed 10th Oct) Sophia and the charity trustees had their anuual fund raising event. It was a great success with great food, live music, and auctions. The event raised an amazing £1700 for the charity including a £1300 donation from Liam Conway from his parachute jump, well done Liam! http://www.justgiving.com/liam-conway  A brilliant event guys, well done! Soaf is planning a charity music festival next year in Notts. Knowing Saof, its going to be MASSIVE! I'am going to ask my band 'Clyde &The Bluegrooves' if they would like to be involved. Watch this space!


This blog a bit longer than usual but I hope you think its been worth it with all this good news! Just a reminder that I have some great gig dates coming up. The Oval Tavern Nov 4th, Ain't Nothin But Nov 6th. Then its my Burfday/fundraiser gig at Oliver's on sat 24th where I will donote money from the door to soaf's charity! Details of all gigs on this website. Any muso friends who wants to come along and have a play just drop me a line bbclyde2@yahoo.co.uk It promises to be a whole lotta fun!

Finally..... as promised in last blog a couple vids below from our brilliant gig at Bull's Head Barnes last Sept. Enjoy! Catch you soon,

All the best till next time

Clyde 19/10/12

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