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No Sleep Till Greenwich!

Hi groovies, and welcome to my latest blog. It’s been a quiet time since the summer hols but things are beginning to pick up again. Bit of an overlap between music news & charity news in this blog. Hope I have got the lines drawn correctly?…here goes!

Music news

I spent three weeks in Murcia in sunny Spain last summer and was asked to do an impromptu solo charity gig at Campbell’s, a local bar in Roda village. A clear case of have ipad, have guitar, will travel, will gig! If you recall I have made my own custom backing tracks on my ipad (courtesy of the band) which I used when I played at Campbell’s bar as part of their charity event day last May 2013. The event day raised £450! Here is a link some pictures taken on the day of the event.

The charity gig at Campbell’s this August was successful too, with other local artists and bands performing. The event raised £200 to provide transport for sick children. Of course the weather and food was awesome too! The San Javier jazz festival is 15mins from home and I and friends attend every summer. This year ‘The Blues Brothers’ played the festival which was fun!

Who knows, one day when I become famous (any day now!) I will get share a bill with the likes of Robert Cray, BB King, George Benson, et al, all of whom I have seen at the festival over the years…..I can dream can’t I? !!!!

 The next scheduled band gig is Saturday 27th September at Oliver’s Jazz Bar in Greenwich.

Last November The Blue Grooves did charity/Clyde birthday gig at Oliver’s jazz bar which was an absolute blast! We raised £400 for The Basil Skyers Myeloma Foundation (pictures here;- The event on the 27th of September is shaping up to be awesome too with some surprise name guests…..Can’t wait!!!

If you recall I am co-ordinating a charity cd with material which I have written and tracks donated by friends including  my good friend, the fabulous NYC bluesman Michael Hill.

Hoping to have the cd all done by October. If you are one of the contributors reading this post please hurry up with your track !!! (not you Michael I know you have finished yours!). You can sneak a peek at my tracks, an instrumental called ‘Meditation1’ and a song ‘Unconditional Love’ on my soundcloud account here;

 I am thinking of inviting a friend add vocals to ‘Unconditional Love’ as I am not sure that I can do it justice. It’s on my sound cloud as a backing track at the moment but will have vocals eventually.

Charity News

 The annual Basil Skyers Myeloma charity event takes place on November 9th at the Stage Hotel in Nottingham.

This event is getting bigger year on year and includes live music from local artists, and other activities. I just wish I could take part in this event but unfortunately it is always held in the middle of the week in Nottingham. However, next year I will take part as I intend to retire. Hip!Hip!Hip!  Hooray!!! Of course I will be spending more time in sunny Spain too doing more impromptu charity and other gigs too with my trusty ipad & guitar!


Anyways, better sign off. Hopefully catch you at the charity gig at Oliver’s in Greenwich on the 27th or at one of our other gigs! Take care till next time.



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