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Hello Groovies!

Hello Groovies .....? yes thats right, 'Groovies' is thy name! catchy eh? Well, its been one month since the launch of  my website, and this is the second of my monthly blog posts. I have had fantastic positive feedback from everyone about my website so I'am pretty sure I have hit a home run!

Music News

My website has begun to work its magic and I now have 3 gigs booked at some of London's premier music venues! Check out my gig listings for details. More dates will be added shortly. I am currently rehearsing some new songs which will be played at future gigs. One of the songs is my own arrangement of Stevie Wonders SUPERSTITION. Most blues bands do a rocky version of this song similar to Stevie Ray's version. I wanted to do something different and have given it a soulfull vibe with guitar appregio chords for the verses, and big open chords for the chorus. I tried it out at rehearsals last week and its sounding very good indeed, definately a keeper!

Iam in the process of writing some original material for my planned charity cd (see COMMUNITY page of this website). If anyone would like to colaborate with me on this project or donate their own material then drop me a line I'am in need of inspiration!

Charity News

Liam Conway is doing a parachute jump to raise money for Sophia's charity 'The Basil Skyers Myeloma Foundation' (see COMMUNITY page of this website). Liam plans to do his jump on the 30th September at Langer Airfield in Notts. Liam has set up a 'Just Giving' page where donations can be made. The address is If you are in that part of the world on Sept 30th come along as it promises to be a fun day!

Stop press! Sophia's Charity, 'The Basil Skyers Myeloma Foundation' is pleased to announce a recently order for six wheel chairs which will be given to Myeloma patients at the Nottingham Clinical Haemotology Centre. Thanks to all who have donated to her charity, and well done to Soaf and the charity trustees. Soaf baby, you are a star!!!

And Finally...

My summer hols are almost at an end and so my thoughts are turning to teaching again in September. Have I still got it? ....did I ever? ....we shall see when the results come out next week! In the meantime making the most of my post olympics free time to play lots of guitar before the scary start of term. Didn't we do well! Must use some examples from the olympics to motivate my students....and me too!

Well thats all for now 'Groovies' (give it time!), hopefully see you at my next scheduled gig at Charlie Wright's in Hoxton (see gig listing for details). Would love to hear from you so please subscribe to this website and relply to my posts! Take care till next month.


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