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Every Little helps!

Hi Groovies, happy new year and welcome to my first blog of 2015!. Lots of exciting news about the charity www.basilskyersfoundation.org/ and also music. You are probably intrigued about the title of this blog? well read on! CHARITY NEWS Well I guess I'd better explain the blog title.....TESCO have agreed to sponsor a charity walk this May 30th from the Cutty Sark in Greenwich to our local Tesco here in Woolwich. But there is more.... the LEGACY charity cd will be on sale in the store which is brilliant! As usual all credit to 'super wife' for pursuing this fantastic initiative and bringing home the goods! You will recall that LEGACY is available on iTunes and that the lead track BREATH was written and sung by the amazing 15 year old Mya De Angelo. Here is a promo video of her singing her track Click on the iTunes download link below to buy the album LEGACY Another fantastic initiative undertaken by Sophia is the Charity sponsorship event at the House of Lords on the 17th June. Many high profile guests will be present and will really help raise awareness of the charity and its work. The charity continues to grow from strength to strength through the hard work of Sophia and the trustees. Two communiques from Sophia show that the charity has raised thousands of pounds since it was started in 2010 and is also involved with research around Myeloma and ethnic minorities. You can read these communiques on the charity face book page at www.facebook.com/basilskyersfoundation./    Oh, nearly forgot to mention that the charity now has a Just Giving page set up by ?.......yep you guest it Sophia! have a look here; www.justgiving.com/basilskyersmyelomafoundation./    MUSIC NEWS You can see from the lovely pictures on my facebook page that I spend a lot of time in Spain, and of course when I am there I play music! www.facebook.com/bbclyde2./    Before last xmas this has taken the form of backing tracks which I sing along to at bars, or duo gigs up with fantastic local singer guitarist Brian Richards. The backing tracks are bespoke which I produced on my computer using LOGIC PRO X music production software. I am very happy with the quality of the tracks and feel that they are a good approximation of the music I do with my band 'The Blue Grooves' when I play in the uk. You can have a listen to a couple of the backing tracks 'Knocking on Heavens Door' and 'Help Me Green Onions' on my SoundCloud here..... KNOCKING ON HEAVENS DOOR HELPME GREEN (ONIONS) Backing tracks have been a necessary compromise, but of course I'd much prefer to play with a live band when I'am in Spain. Now It looks like I have found what I have been searching for in the form of 'The Streeters' band...let me explain! I was walking along the beach at Los Alcazares one afternoon when I heard a band at San Juan beach bar. I got chatting with Bryn Slack who was doing the sound for the band and before I knew it he had me up on stage jamming with his son Austin, and the rest of the 'The Streeters' band! Here is a pic of us all jammin!     Bryn and I exchanged numbers a couple days later he calls me up to do a proper gig with the band at 'New Yorks Bar' near Murcia city!!! It was a brilliant gig as these picture show, and the band went down a storm! '   The streeters' are fantastic muscians, and Austin Slack (Bryn's son) is something else! At 15 years of age he plays guitar with a maturity far beyond his tender years, a star in the making, definitely one to watch for the future. I am very proud to share a stage with him. Austin is also a really lovely kid! Bryn said that whenever I am in Spain I can play with the band which is amazing! These guys work so hard doing three or more shows a week under Bryn's stewardship. Watch out for the Streeters, watch out for Austin!!! The generosity shown to me by Bryn and 'The Streeters' is a very rare and beautiful thing, and I can't thank them enough for giving me the opportunity to play live in Spain. I get the feeling that I'am going spend lots of time in Spain when I retire soon. Sun, sea, regular gigs, great food, ...what am I waiting for? Whats not to like? !!!!! FINALLY...... Just a reminder that I have two fabulous gigs coming up. The first is on Saturday 21st February with my new music buddies 'The Streeters' at 'The Arches Bar' Los Alcazares, Murcia in Spain. Check out this cool poster!   The second gig is on Wednesday 25th February at 8pm at the Coach & Horses E10 5NA  where I have a guest spot with the house band. The year is still relatively young? So I guess its ok to wish you all the best for 2015! Cheers Clyde

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