There can't be many of us whose lives have not been touched by cancer. I lost my wonderful mother to this disease in 1990, and more recently my brother in law Basil Skyers to Multiple Myeloma in 2010.

Basil was a lovely gentle guy, who showed incredible bravery and inner strength in the face of his illness. Throughout his illness he continued to embrace life to the full, and with his subtle humour kept our spirits up even in the darkest days at the end.

Here is a picture taken in 2008 just before Basil became ill. Basil’s cousin Joseph visiting from the States on the left, me (Clyde) centre, and Basil right.

During the course of Basils’s treatment, my wife Sophia Skyers and I, heard about many families adversely affected financially. In addition to loss of income from a bread winner, we heard about real financial hardship through the cost of taxi fares, car park charges, child care, train fares and so on. When the patient came home we heard about other practical financial needs too. And of course these financial problems come at a time of great emotional stress and worry.

Shortly after Basil’s death in 2010, Sophia decided to set up a charitable foundation in memory of her beloved brother to help the families of those affected by Myeloma. The foundation is called THE BASIL SKYERS MYELOMA FOUNDATION. Please take a moment to read about more about Basil, the foundation, and the annual report at

ALL about the music for me?

For my part I plan to make a cd and to donate all profits to my wife’s charity. I also want to produce some merchandising for the charity, and do some fund raising gigs too! Big plans, but for a good reason.

I’am music mad, always have been, always will be! (see my BIO). But its not ALL about the music. For sure I going have big fun, as you will see at any of my gigs! But I’am at a stage now in my life where its time to think more widely, and try and do some good too! This is what this COMMUNITY page is about, this is what my involvement with my wife’s charity is about. I hope you can support the charity and have some fun too! To quote Sophia ‘Basil would be really chuffed with the idea of having fun and doing good at the same time’.

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Clyde Morris

29 June 2012