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‘LEGACY Album’ Busy Bee!

Hi Groovies, and welcome to my latest blog. I am Still buzzing following the release of my charity album entitled LEGACY! (see previous blog). If you recall all proceeds from sales go to charity 

Been doing some promotion and generally getting the word out there! See charity news below.

Charity News

The charity album LEGACY was officially launched last June in Nottingham as part of a sponsored walk charity event. The day was a great success which raised £700 including sales from the LEGACY charity album. As you can see from the pictures below the charity event had a 'Michael Jackson' theme and was a lot of fun! Mya De Angelo who wrote and sung the lead track BREATHE on the LEGACY album was there signing copies of the album.

                            In July the charity held a further fund raising event in Roda in Spain where I had a wonderful two week summer holiday! This event had golf in the morning, and a hog roast and live music in the evening. This was a very sucessful event where £1400 was raised. This included a generous donation from the charity HELP AT HOME, various raffles, and sales from the charity album LEGACY which sold out!                   You will recall from my previous blog that the lead track BREATHE on LEGACY featured the very talented 14 year old Mya De Angelo who wrote the beautiful song especially for the album. Her management company have released a really nice video of the track which you can watch below. Mya is going to be famous one day, trust me!  

Music News

Did a gig last July sans Bluegrooves, as a guest with 'The Last Project' band led by a really cool sax playing guy called Ronnie Collins. The gig was very enjoyable but hard work, 3pm till 6pm with a couple breaks. Silly me stood chatting to some bloke during the first break and before I knew it Ronnie called for the band to go back on stage, ouch !!! Needless to say, I did not make that same mistake for the second break, but found a nice comfy seat for a well earned sit down!!! I have been invited to play with Ronnie again on the 6th of July (see below). I have also been invited to do a headline guest spot with the house band at The Coach & Horses jam on the 3rd Sept (below). If you read my last blog you will know that the last time I guested there I had a blast, and I am sure I will again! Definately the friendliest and best run jam that I have attended in London bar none. Loads of pics, videos, a guest artist every week, and jammers get to play three songs. Ably run by Stevie King and his crew. Here is a link to the jam website for more info

Finally .....

Just a reminder that my next three gigs are 'Coach and Horses' E10 5NA on 3rd September, then 'Manor Arms' E14 0BP september 6th, and 'Oliver's Jazz Bar' SE10 9JL on Friday 12th of June. Would be great to see you at one (or more!) of these gigs.

Also a reminder that as well as being available for download from iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby, my charity album LEGACY is available as a physical CD. Drop me an email at and I will send you a copy for a fiver! And remember, all proceeds from sales go to charity!

All the best



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