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3 Blasts From The Past!

Hi Groovies, and welcome to my final blog of the year. I can hardly believe that another year has nearly bitten the dust and its time to start thinking about xmas shopping again. I guess it will be the usual last minute panic us guys are known for!  Anyway, enough about by my lack of organisation and on with the blog! Music News Blast from the Past Number 1 ! My first 'Blast From The Past' concerns meeting up with my old mate David Hippel from Austria last week. As some of you may know David on drums, myself, and Emanuel Vitale formed a power blues trio called 'The Bluesdockings back in 2010. This band morphed into 'Clyde & The Blue Grooves'. The first Bluesdockings gig, and my singing debut, was at the 'Spice of Life' in Soho, and I was nervous as anything!. It was a brilliant joyous gig attended by all our friends, and one which I will never forget! David & Manu were simply awesome that night, and made it so easy for me to concentrate on my vocals and guitar. Our very first song that night was 'Have you ever loved a Woman' by Freddie King, and it really set us up for the night. Luckily the night was captured on video by Catherine, a friend of 'Super wife' Sophia! It still gives me goose bumps watching it even now! We went on to play lots of prestigious venues including 'The Bull's Head' in Barnes, not bad for one years work!. Our brief get together last week with Manu was great and we got all nostalgic for our happy times before David left London to return to Austria. Before David left he put down some massive grooves which you can hear on 4 demo recordings at this link    Had David stayed in London there is no doubt in my mind that David would have become a much sought after drummer. Some archive videos here Blast from the Past Number 2 ! David left a massive gap in the Bluegrooves which was never truly filled by a sucession of drummers  till I met up with my old buddy Wilco from 2004. Myself, Wilco, Jan on bass, and the brilliant Anita Rivera (RIP)  on vocals, formed a band called 'Factory House Blues'. Anita was a rookie vocalist when the band started in 2004, but she quickly got into her stride and became a compelling live performer. Unfortunately she passed away after suffering a brain Anurism from which she died in 2007. Sorely missed, a wonderful live performer with great stage presence, and a wonderful person. The backbone of the band was the solid bass playing of Jan, and the top top drumming of Wilco Van Eijk.!/wilco.van.eijk Wilco set up a groove in the band which compelling and inspired one of my best guitar performances on a recording date. We have always kept in touch and he agreed to do a charity gig at Olivers in Greenwich last November which raised £150 for the Basil Skyers Myeloma Foundation. I think I can honestly say that gig was the most enjoyable and musically satisfying gig I have ever done, and it was all down to Wilco's Drumming! He lit a bonfire under 'The Bluegrooves' which sent us into orbit, a truly awesome gig! Wilco is very busy in lots of bands including Black Penny Remedy band. Just hope he sticks around and plays with the Bluegrooves when he can. He is playing with us at a private party in Greenwich on Dec 7th which I know will be amazing! Blast from the past Number 3 ! Coming home from work on the train and spotted another old buddy, Conrad Dianni! A brilliant singer/guitarist we go back to 2007 and over the years have played various jams. We were even in a short lived band for a while whose name escapes me!!! Anyway, he said we should go to the Coach & Horses Jam in Leyton which I had never been to before. We went along the following week and I really enjoyed it! Everyone was friendly and welcoming, and you get to do three songs which unusual for a jam (most allow only two). I have been asked back to do pre jam guest spot with the house band next year which was a nice surprise! Conrad was asked to his own guest spot next year too, a result! Will definitely go to this jam again, probably for their xmas party jam. They also film all the jam performances so you can check how well ( or badly!) you played, great! I can recommend the Coach & Horses Jam! Here is a video my performance at the jam. Don't think I did too shabby! Charity cd I have recently bought a iMac and logic Pro X music production software! You may recall that I am co-ordinating a charity cd for which I am writing some tracks. Working on the iPad was hard on my old eyes! A big screen is so much better and of course a Mac  has plenty of processing power. Logic pro X is proving to be quite a steep learning curve, but I am getting the hang of it now, and I'am on my way! Progress has been predictably slow with the cd with everyones busy schedules. I was beginning  to fear that some tracks might never materialise, but this week three people have sent me rough work in progress mixes of their tracks which is brilliant! I have rough mix of a fantastic track from NY Boss Bluesman Michael Hill called 'The Blues is by your side' I will pre view it in my next blog. Believe me it's worth the wait! In the mean time you can check out Michael's music here Also have rough mixes from Dale Williams, and a track beautiful gospel soul track from Pete Thompson called 'A Matter of Time'. You can have a listen to 'A matter of Time' here. please remember the track is a rough mix and will be recorded properly in due course. However, it sounds very good to me!!! Charity News 'Super wife' sophia is organising a charity supper & quiz event at the Woollerton Pub in Nottingham this Sunday 1st December.  If you are in that part of the world it promises to be a lot of fun! Typically, with sofia's energy, nearly 100 tickets have been sold already, she is truly amazing! Details here Finally... Have you seen the bottom of the front page of this website? Yes, I have a show reel video at last! Many thanks to Alberto Manuzzi for stitching together all the band best bits! I owe him a few beers which I will duly deliver when he plays at our next show on December 7th. A really good chap, he refused to take a penny for his time! Anyway, all that remains is for my to wish you all a merry xmas and happy new year. Hope to see you soon. Cheers Clyde

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