Clyde & The Blue Grooves

The origin of the blues is rooted in the rhythm and the groove – providing the pulse of the jook joints and dances from Mississippi to Chicago.  Led by the guitar and vocals of Clyde Morris this great five-piece line picks up those grooves and explodes them into a joyous, soulful and funked up journey that traces those influences and their impact on musicians from those blues originators through Marvin Gaye and onto Prince and a whole lot more on the way!


The Blue Grooves Family 2011 -2016


Studio Recordings


Charity Work

The band are proud sponsors of the Basil Skyers Foundation Myeloma charity. You can find out more about the charity by using the links below and watching the charity video. The video features charity chair Dr Sophia Skyers who explains how she and her family are affected by Multiple Myeloma from which her brother died in 2010. It also features patient representative Pauline Johnston who explains what it is to live with the disease.

Charity Website http://www.basilskyersfoundation.org/  

Charity Facebook http://www.facebook.com/basilskyersfoundation/ 

Just Giving http://www.justgiving.com/basilskyersmyelomafoundation/